Who's Who: South Australian Centenary 1936


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The year 1936 marked the centenary of South Australia. This book was compiled as a celebration of the state's achievements, and it was designed to present a snapshot of notable people in South Australia at this time.


Who's Who is a compilation of portraits and brief biographical notes on about 350 South Australians in 1936. These notes often include place and date of birth, family, education, hobbies, sport and interests, achievements, appointments, address, career, and other notes of interest.


This book gives an interesting glimpse into South Australian society and the lives of important men at this time in the state's history.


The whole text is searchable. Search for any word in the text - names, places and more.


High quality scanned images of the whole 352 pages of the original book. This CD can be viewed by any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4 or later recommended). The data on this CD is completely self-contained, and requires no installation.

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