Queensland Post Office Directory 1900 (Wise)


Cat No.:   AU4110-1900:

No of pages in original: 1536pp

Year published: (1900)

Wise's directories are the only directories that cover the whole of Queensland, not just Brisbane, suburbs and major towns. Totalling over 1500 pages its not hard to see that this is the most comprehensive as well. The 'Queensland Post Office Directory 1900' by Henry Wise, is divided into three primary sections: a city and towns directory; an alphabetical directory; and a trades directory.

Towns Directory: contains directories for Brisbane and Suburbs, South Brisbane and Suburbs, Charters Towns, Rockhampton, and Townsville along wil every other town, township and postal district in Queensland. There are listings street-by-street for the larger regions which list the householder of each house or business owner. The smaller towns, list the tradespeople by name and their occupation.

Alphabetical Directory: lists alphabetically by surname, together with occupation and address of residents for the entire state.

Trades Directory: arranged alphabetically by trade or profession, you will find details of all businesses in Queensland. Think of this as an early version of the yellow pages.

There are separate directories included making the work comprehensive and complete

• Medical

• Ecclesiastical

• Legal

• Educational

• Banking and Finance

• Insurance

• Pastoral and Agricultural

• Local Government

• Customs

• Official

• Postal and Telegraphic

The directory includes numerous pages of advertisements - all useful information, often including names of people and places - which together with the main directory, and the sub-directories make the work comprehensive and complete.

Now available on CD-ROM, this important reference work is now available for all to use.

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