Queensland Police Gazette 1915


Cat No.:   AU4103-1915:

No of pages in original: 773pp

Year published: (1915)

Usually issued weekly, here collected together on the one CD is the whole of the Queensland 1915 issues.

Example entries taken from the 23 January 1915 issue:

Hawker's License

A hawker's license has been granted to the following person:

Date When Issued: 1914, 14 December

Place Where Issued: Einasleigh

Name of Holder: George Moses Malouf

£100 Reward

A reward of £100 is offered by the Commonwealth Government for information leading to the conviction of the forger, or any person criminally concerned in the circulation of the forgery of an Australian ten-shilling note, No. M536739, recently passed into circulation at Melbourne.-450. 18th January, 1915.

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