Queensland Criminal Reports 1860-1907


Cat No.:   AU4032:

No of pages in original: 623pp

Year published: (1913)

The 'Queensland Criminal Reports' is a compilation of all criminal cases that were reported in the following:

• the Supreme Court Reports Vol. 1-8 (1860-1881)

• the Queensland Law Journal and Notes of Cases Vol. I-XII (1881-1901)

• the Queensland State Reports and Weekly Notes (1902-1907)

There are a total of 232 cases listed in this volume. They cover everything from conspiracy, escapes, explosives, forgery, insolvency, intoxication, murder, neglect, schoolmasters, stealing, and wounding unlawfully, and much more.

The 623 page book is arranged chronologically. For the CD edition each trial has been bookmarked alphabetically by surname making it very easy to find. It is also fully searchable. Full details of each trial are included right down to who the solicitors for both parties were.

Fascinating reading, and a wonderful historical account if there happens to be a connection to your family.

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