Queensland Railway and Tourist Guide


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Written at the request of the Queensland Railway Commissioners in 1890, this book contains a concise history of the colony and complete description of all the country within Queensland traversed by the railway lines, with interesting extra information for tourists, travellers and all other classes.

Author Archibald Meston uses colourful and detailed descriptions to describe over 36 routes and railways, listing details about each town and city on the way with illustrations and photographs of important landmarks throughout the guide.

An extract from a typical description:

“CHARLEVILLE (966 feet) is an important little town, situated on the flat country of Gowrie Station, on the banks of the Warrego River. It was named after Charleville, in County Cork, Ireland. From here you can go across level country by Augathella, Tambo, and Blackall to Barcaldine, the terminus of the Rockhampton line, or by coach to Cunnamulla, 120 miles; thence on to Barringun on the Border, a further 80 miles; from there to Bourke, an additional 200 miles, and thence down the New South Wales railway to Sydney.

Around Charleville are the following stations and their distances: -Arabella, 4; Riversleigh, 9; Wellwater 12; Nive Junction, 35; Burrendilla and Dillala, 40; Mount Morris, 70; Oakwood, 60; and Yarran Vale, 70.

Hotel accommodation is excellent-at the same charges as Roma and Toowoomba, 6s. To 10s. Per day, and 30s. To 42s. Per week.

The climate is one of the best in Australia for eight months in the year, a wonderfully light dry atmosphere, free from all malarial exhalations. In the winter, in June, the thermometer falls to a minimum of 27°, and in December and January rises to a maximum of 117°…”

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