Sydney Street Directory c1943 (Gregorys)


Cat No.:   AU2025-11:

No of pages in original: 258pp

Year published: (c1943/44)

To this day the Gregory's name is associated with street directories. The first edition of Gregory's Street Directory of Sydney and Suburbs was published in 1934.

This volume is a facsimile of the 11th edition, published around 1943. If you're wanting to know what the city and suburbs of Sydney were like in 1943, this is a great way to find out. Showing 96 clearly marked maps, you'll find over 15,000 streets named, as well as tram and train lines, municipal boundaries, parks and reserves and other distinctive features. There are indexes to wharves and lessees, yacht clubs, bays and reserves, real estate agents, hospitals and of course the streets.

This is a visual reference, through the maps, of Sydney as it was.

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