Then and Now: Historic Roads Round Sydney - J. Valentine


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'We set forth upon our travels armed with notes and note-books and bravely determined to follow the ghost wheels of bygone carriages and lumbering ox-carts; determined also to seek the yellow sandstone walls of ancient buildings and weave, perhaps, a light web of history along the modern highways of concrete and macadam. We cross the bridge, fight a battle at Vinegar Hill, call at an historic home, and go in search of the ghost of Solomon Wiseman of Wiseman's Ferry.'

This is the overview given of the first chapter - a tour that is told in 16 pages. And there are 8 more such fascinating chapters - journeys north West and south of Sydney.

The whole 222 page volume is searchable on any word - names places and any other word in the text.

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book.

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