The Scotsman in Canada Vol. 1 - Eastern & Vol. 2 - Western, Canada


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This two volume book is considered the definitive treatise on the distribution, and achievements, of the “sons” of Scotland in the European colonization of (now) Canada.

Because of the enormous scope and breadth of the subject matter to be treated, a separate author was chosen for each volume : William Campbell, LL.D., for Volume 1 and George Bryce, M.A., D.D., LL.D., for Volume 2. A side benefit of this tactic was that both volumes could be published at the same time, approximately 1911, although neither volume bears a declared publication date. This duality can be recognized in some fundamental differences between the format of the two books (page size is one instance), which can be a little distracting at first. In addition The Vol.1 author arranged his subjects largely on a geographic basis, i.e., by Province, or by Settlement, whereas the Vol.2 author arranged his discourse more along topical lines, e.g., Business Men, Lord Selkirk, etc. Both authors lead with some discussion of the Scottish homeland and the motivations which encouraged the move to Canada.

In this digital edition we have maintained the separation into two volumes, mostly because the authors have very different writing styles so without a clear demarcation the continuity of the subject may be hard for the reader to maintain.

Our digital edition of this book has been carefully processed to provide you with a clean, clear, high fidelity, reproduction of the hardcopy publication, but with the advantage of computer search-ability for any word or phrase’s occurrence in the whole text. (We hand edit our OCR processed index words for the best search accuracy we can achieve.)

To maximize accessibility of this book we have published each volume separately so our catalogue provides a description of the contents of each volume separately. Below you will find the significant parts of each of these descriptions repeated for your convenience:

The Scotsman in Canada Vol.1: (Eastern Canada, including Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.)

The two volumes separate the colonization of Canada geographically into the Eastern and Western Provinces, Vol. 1 dealing with those in the East with the exception of a discussion of the Fur Traders of Montreal, and The Explorers of the Arctic, which is included in Vol. 2.

The following is extracted from the Preface to Vol. 1:

“In the making of this volume my chief object has been to produce a work which will be of use to those desiring a knowledge of the origin of the early Scottish settlements or community-centres of Canada.

Keeping this idea steadily in view, I have in this volume, … dealt, first of all, with the many settlements which were essentially Scottish, and have laid stress on the other chief centres of Scottish life and influence in some of the leading cities, commencing with Nova Scotia and concluding with the later but scarcely less important immigration into Huron and Bruce in the Upper Lake region of Ontario. I have also in this connection given, where I was able to do so, lists of the founders and pioneers of such settlements, hoping that they might be of value to students in future individual research.”

“Throughout this work I have laid stress upon the Ulster Scotsman and the importance of his place in the Canadian community ; and have pointed out that the movement into Ulster was the first great emigration of the Scottish people in their attempt at settlement outside of their own borders.”

The Scotsman in Canada Vol.2: (Western Canada, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and portions of old Rupert’s Land and the Indian Territories.)

The two volumes separate the colonization of Canada geographically into the Eastern and Western Provinces, Vol. 2 dealing with those in the West with the addition of the Fur Traders of Montreal, and The Explorers of the Arctic.

Following a brief discussion of the origins of the Scots as a composite race, the author reviews the strong connections between Scotland and the “Hudsons Bay Company” which drew heavily on the Scots, at all levels, for its “staff.” This naturally leads into further discussions of Scottish exploration of Canada’s vast “hinterland” and so to the projects of several well recognized leaders of “colonization” projects. Not least amongst this material is a “List of the Selkirk Colonists”, a typical example of the authors practice of including as many individual names as he had access to.

As the volume follows the immigrants overland penetration of Canada it eventually brings the discussion to the Pacific shores including the emerging British Columbian Province. At this point the author switches to reviewing groups of Scots by their common “calling” be that religion, business, academic or social.

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