History of the County of Brecknock

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Published in 1909 in four huge volumes this is a superb account of the history of Brecknock. It also contains lots of wonderful illustrations, maps and photographs of the area. It is also much more than just a dry history book, though. This is from the title page:


'A History of the County of Brecknock containing the chorograhy, general history,religion, laws, customs, manners, language, system of agriculture, antiquities, sepulchural monuments and inscriptions, natural curiosities, variations of the soil, stratification, mineralogy, list of rare and other plants and birds, Parliamentary history, names and biographies of sheriffs and mayors of Brecknock, also the genealogies and arms of the principal families properly emblazoned, together with the history of every parish, and the names of the patrons and incumbents of all livings.


All in all a superb general reference book, with real people's names and family histories thrown in for good measure.

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