Bendigo Goldfield Registry 1872: Notes on the Bendigo Goldfield


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(130 pages)

Author: J. Macartney

Year: (1872)

Published in 1872, this is the second edition of the 'Bendigo Goldfield Registry', a collection of information relating to the goldfields, reefs and companies in the region.

The first part of the book contains information on the yield of gold, dividends and calls, digest of dividend paying companies, approximate estimate of garden gully stock, yield of claims, table of depths and deep American mining.

The second part covers the Reefs, which include: Bellevue, New Chum, Victoria, The Garden Gully, Perseverance, Windmill Hill, Johnson's Moon, Hustler's, Stafford, Glasgow, Kangaroo Flat, Flora and Tyson's, Big Hill and Marong, The Whipstick, The Lower Huntly Alluvial Mines. This is followed by notes on the quartz reef and mine of the Bendigo Goldifeld, and then an alphabetical list of companies. The last chapter covers the Fryer's Creek Quartz Mines, and is followed by 39 pages of adverts. Includes many maps of the various reefs, together with the companies involved in each of them.

This is a useful record for those with an interest in Bendigo's early mining history.

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