Down and its Parish Church

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Published in 1907 by L.A. Pooler, D.D., Rector of Down and Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin, at the request of the Vestry of the Parish of Down, this is a unique insight into the history of the parish, the cathedral and its clergy. There are lists of the clergy going back as far as 499 A.D., curates from 1615, churchwardens from 1636, parochial nominators from 1704 and sidesmen from 1704. There are also biographical notes on the rectors of the parish, including Pooler himself, as well images of some of the rectors. There is a short history of the parochial schools as well as pictures of the students from the Blue Coats schools in 1888.

Littered with several excellent photographs and images, this is a must have publication for anyone interested in the history of the Parish of Down.

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