South Australian Almanac and Directory 1872 (Howell)


Cat No.:   AU5117-1872:

(200 pages)

Author: J. Howell

Year: (1872)


Compiled by John Howell, of Rundle Street, Adelaide, this Almanac and Directory is a useful resource for historians with an interest in Adelaide and its residents in this era.


Divided into three main sections - an almanac, a directory, and other information. The almanac contains a diary and calendar for the year 1872, as well as a farming and gardening calendar. The directory which is contained in about 50 pages covers Adelaide (North and South) and Port Adelaide, listing the householders alphabetically, together with their occupations and addresses.

The third section deals with laws, government and parliamentary information, banks, post offices, medical personnel and railway timetables, and is an ideal reference for learning about the social history of the time.

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