History of Saskatchewan and its People - 1924 - Complete in 3 Volumes (by Download)


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Written by John Hawkes and first published in 1924, this work of over 2000 pages was originally bound as 3 volumes, but organized into two subject areas.  The whole of Vol. 1 and a good part of Vol. 2 contains the “History” of Saskatchewan while the remainder of Vol. 2 and the whole of Vol. 3 is packed with the Biographies of about 660 prominent Saskatchewans, including more than 50 photographic portraits.  This “story” section is also illustrated with over 235 photographs of subjects such as: early dwellings and settlements, people, natural history, and fascinating early photographs of the native people and their ceremonies.  

The page numbering is sequential through all three physical volumes so digital “blank” pages have been introduced in this digital reproduction to maintain synchronization of the digital pages with the original page numbering .

Here you can find the whole (European’s) story of Saskatchewan:  The early story of this province is inescapably intertwined with that of the other administration districts which were initially named the North-West Territories.  This vast tract included all the lands between the Ontario border and the Province of British Columbia and up to the pole (except Alaska.)  While this book concentrates on the area which became Saskatchewan it contains many of the stories of the rest of the “Territories.”

The author says. “It should be understood that this book is in no proper sense of the word a history.  It is not intended for the student or the investigator but for the average man.”  John went out of his way to find the stories of the early pioneers and settlers, as well as those of the native people already living on the prairies when the “white man” arrived. Within this “story” you will find many first hand accounts of early adventure - and misadventure - of hardship, and triumph.

Almost 1½ of these three Volumes is filled with biographies which were submitted for publication by their subjects, their family, or by friends.

This work is a rich treasure trove for genealogists and historians. Of special interest to anyone seeking the experience of early Saskatchewan are the recounted tales of the original settlers and pioneers which John has used as a part of the rich story section.

For those whose interests are restricted to only the stories or the biographies section we have released individual CDs carrying only those sections, at a more economical price.

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