Queensland Blue Book Compendium


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Year published: (1870,72,73 79,1911)

The Queensland Blue Books give details of people employed in the Queensland Civil Service for the year of publication and are therefore useful for finding out information on a large number of people during this period.

After listing various appointed and elected Government officers and members, the larger part of each volume records appointments by government department.

Information generally given for each appointment includes: office, name, class under civil service act (ordinary or professional), date of appointment, by whom appointed, and under what instrument, annual salary, date of first

appointment under government of

Queensland or New South Wales.

These books cover a large number of departments and positions of the Queensland government.

For more information on the individual Blue Books

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Queensland Blue Book 1873 (see AU4102-1873)

Queensland Blue Book 1879 (see AU4102-1879)

Queensland Blue Book 1911 (see AU4102-1911)

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