Queensland Government Gazette 1866


Cat No.:   AU4100-1866:

No of pages in original: 1341pp

Year published: (1866)

Government Gazettes are only just starting to get the recognition that they deserve. They've been largely an unknown source, partly because of their availability (usually only in select archive offices or libraries), and partly because for their sheer bulk and the time required to mine the treasures within. Now that they are being released in full searchable digital form this amazing historical resource is readily accessible.

Issued once a week, as well as releasing 'Extraordinary' special issues from time to time, they are full of fascinating information, both historical and genealogical. You will find information such as land transactions, legal notices, proclamations, public auctions, public meetings, insolvency and bankrupt notices, impoundments, partnerships, licences, tenders and contracts, government institutions and positions, statistics and much more.

Features in this year's issues are:

• timber licences

• publicans' licences

• auctioneers licences

• list of officers in the civil service - with position, date of appointment and salary

• lands open to selection

• pastoral lease renewals

• licences of runs, with lessees and notices of forfeiture

• lists of unclaimed letters - thousands of people listed

• lists of the ministers of religion who can perform marriage ceremonies

• various petitions - with lists of petitioners

With over 1300 pages in this volume, most people with an interest in Queensland during this period, will find something of interest.

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