Queensland Government Gazette 1863


Cat No.:   AU4100-1863:

No of pages in original: 1104pp

Year published: (1863)

Government Gazettes are only just starting to get the recognition that they deserve. They've been largely an unknown source, partly because of their availability (you would usually only find them select archive offices or libraries), and partly because people don't know about them. Now that Archive CD Books has started releasing them on CD-ROM, everyone has access to this amazing resource.

Issued once a week, as well as releasing 'Extraordinary' special issues from time to time, they are full of fascinating information, both historical and genealogical. You will find information such as land transactions, legal notices, proclamations, public auctions, public meetings, insolvency and bankrupt notices, impoundments, partnerships, licences, tenders and contracts, government institutions and positions, statistics and much more.

Features in 1863 are:

• Lists of medical practitioners

• Lands open to selection

• Lists of chemists and druggists

• Lists of unclaimed letters

• Lists of the ministers of religion who can perform marriage ceremonies

Example entries taken from the 3 January 1863 issue:

Colonial Secretary's Office,

Brisbane, 17th December, 1862.


The attention of the Government having been drawn to the fact that Officer in the Public Service have for some time back been in the practice of leaving their districts an other places where their duties are supposed to be discharged, on the pretext that private affairs demand their attention elsewhere, without having obtained the sanction of the Head of their Department: It is hereby notified that in future where any Officer takes upon himself to be absent from his district and duties without having previously obtained the sanction of the Head of his Department, such absence shall be taken as a resignation of his office, and the vacancy will be filled up accordinly.

A. Macalister

Colonial Secretary's Office,

Brisbane, 17th December, 1862.


Whereas, on Monday the 8th instant, the mail between Condamine and Dalby was found in the paddock as Wombo - the mail bags and letters opened, and cheques, money, &c., abstracted.

Notice is hereby given that a reward of £50 will be paid by the Government for such information as shall lead to the apprehension and conviction, within six months from this date, of the guilty party or parties. And a pardon will also be granted to any accomplice in the above outrage who shall first give such information.

The mailman (Peckett) being missing, is it supposed that the robbery was committed by him and an accomplice.

by His Excellency's Command,

A. Macalister.

So if you've got an interest in Queensland during this period - you're bound to find something of interest.

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