Journalism in Belleville - 1931, (Ontario, Canada) by: J. Owen Herity


Cat No.:   CAG112:

Content Description: From the Anglo-Canadian and the Phoenix first published in 1831 the history of periodical publishing in Belleville is strong. Many, like the Hastings Times were short lived while others continued for years. A Belleville published newspaper is amongst the four longest running newspapers in the whole of Ontario. The paper recalls the owners and editors of these many newspapers and reports some notable entries. If nothing else this paper provides a directory of which newspaper might be appropriate to review when searching for genealogical information.

Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol. XXVII (1931), Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1931 (The complete source document is available as Catalogue Number CA0171-31)

by: J. Owen Herity

Size: (pages) 10, (download) 1.1MB

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