Saskatchewan. Her Infinite Variety. c1925 (by Download)


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The book itself is not dated but it is thought to have been published in the early 1920’s to mark the formation of the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Authors Association. It is a collection of contributed articles from many of the Association’s authors with a few additional invited pieces. The authors of each individual contribution is usually named but there is no “Author” of the whole book in the conventional sense.

Probably the best description of this book is found in its own preface, written by Chas. A Dunning, the Premiere of Saskatchewan at the time of publication:

“The task the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Authors Association has taken in hand is to tell the plain truth about Saskatchewan as it is now. That itself is portraiture demanding an understanding of her many- sided make-up and of her varied moods.

Truthful description, as nearly as the experiences and the craftsmanship of the writers allow for it, is indeed performing a great service for Saskatchewan and I consider that this little volume possesses singular fidelity to facts. To picture a land of perpetual loveliness, a land where inexorable sternness never governed, a land where fadeless pleasures were ready for the enjoying would be to do the province a disservice, and it would be describing an alien land and not the one of our affections. The harsher features as well as the loveable have been touched upon.

Something of the spiritual aspect of Saskatchewan has been captured in this booklet as well as her visible contours and fleeting expressions. The picture has been drawn by those who have known her through many seasons, rigorous as well as favourable, and who are still enamoured of her.

The articles in this booklet give an indication of the outstanding characteristics of a province that is moving steadily and swiftly forward to accomplish her great destiny.”


Saskatchewan Offers a Racy Existence

Hats Off to the Pioneers

Tale of Wheat Expansion

Co-operative Organizations in Saskatchewan (Hamilton Butler)

Prairie Sunsets

Old-Time Trails and Modern Highways

The Wheat Thief, a Short Story (J. C. Martin)

Bright Celestial Doings

The University of Saskatchewan (Randolph Patton)

Little Grey Homes Make Up the Real Saskatchewan

Blue Fawn, a Short Story (E. C. Stewart)

Mighty Waters Rolling Evermore

Beaucoup de Bonheur, Sent from Boston

Prairies are Perfumed by Wild Roses

Thoughts of Saskatchewan Restored Youth

Infinite Variety Caught from Incomers

The Makings of Saskatchewan

A Great Lone Land No Longer

Birds and Deer Have Sanctuaries (Miles Long)

Province-Builders were not Solemn Owls (G. J. Johnson)

Pioneer Mends Wheel with the Jawbone of a Moose

How Certain Homesteaders Courted Dame Fortune

Author’s Association Membership, 1924 - 25


The Canadian Prairies (Rudyard Kipling)

The Qu'Appelle Valley (Violette Graham)

Saskatoon (Cy Warman)

Prairie Delights (Alice M. Funk)

Northlands are Always Beckoning

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