B. J. Long & D.E. O'Connor (ed), Tipperary's Annual, 1910


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Edited and published B. J. Long and D.E. O'Connor and printed by the Athlone Printing Works Co., the 1910 edition of Tipperary's Annual contains 185 printed pages packed with stories, photographs, anecdotes, local history and local advertisements. The Annual was only published from 1909 to 1913 and again from 1954 to 1955 and single editions of the early editions were changing hands for approximately €40 in the mid-1990s and as early as the 1950s these were extremely rare and hard to come by.

As one would expect from a county magazine of this type, Tipperary's Annual is replete with local items of interest, which the editor's felt were right for 'A Magazine for the Homes of Tipperary' in order 'To Elevate, To Instruct, To Amuse'. The Annual includes thirty-six articles of varying length, which are interspersed with items of poetry and accompanied by a total of thirty-three illustrations all of which will be of particular interest to aficionados of the county.

The first article in the Annual, written by I. M. McCraith, is 'In Tubrid Churchyard' and recounts the story of its most famous internee for who the Churchyard was built, the scholar-priest and patriot historian, Seathrún Céitinn or Geoffrey Keating. Born near Burgess, Ballylooby, just outside Cahir, Co. Tipperary in about 1569, Keating was educated under the protection of the Archbishop of Bordeaux and later at Salamanca before returning to Ireland were he was outlawed with a price on his head under. Here he fled to the Galtee Mountains at Aherlow where he wrote his lasting legacy to Irish history, Foras Feasa ar Éirinn literary the 'Foundation of Knowledge on Ireland' by more commonly translated as the 'History of Ireland'. Written in early modern Irish, this recounts Ireland's history from the creation of the world until the arrival of the Normans in the 12th century. Banned until the anti-Catholic laws known as the 'Graces', the History of Ireland was one of the most circulated books in manuscript in Ireland and was translated into English in 1723.

Other articles include Death of Brennan the Robber; Tipperary 120 Years Ago; In Clonmel Goal; Execution of the McCormack Brothers; How Joe Meany Rode with the Tipperarys; Hurling for a Wife; Tipperary's Athletic Sons and Clonmel 80 Years Ago. Of the illustrations, there are photographs of the McCormack's funeral as it passed through Templemore, Borrisoleigh and Thurles; The first Tipperary All-Ireland Hurling Champions of 1887; the Thurles Hurlers who embarked on a tour of Belgium in 1910 and Matt McGrath. Also of interest will be the many local advertisements carried at the beginning and end of the Annual. 

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