Australian Etiquette 1885: Rules and Usages of the Best Society in the Australasian Colonies


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Year published: (1885, 1902)

Etiquette, one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behaviour, according to the contemporary conventional norm within a society, social class, or group. In Britain, the word etiquette has its roots in the eighteenth century, becoming a universal force in the nineteenth century - and Australia followed.

This comprehensive book covers everything such as: Manners, Introductions, Salutations, Visiting, Dinner Parties, Table Etiquette, Courtship, Weddings, Home Life, Women's Higher Education, the Letter Writer, General Rules to Govern Conduct, Funerals, Business, Dress, Pastimes ... and much more.

Written in 1885 the object of this book was to present the usages and rules which govern the best Australian society, which will then enable anyone to acquire the manners of a gentleman, or the gentle and graceful bearing of a well-bred lady. The work is arranged that every subject is conveniently classified and subdivided, making it easy to refer to any given subject.

Also covers "Their Sports, Pastimes, Games and Amusements."

A unique reference work which shows us the social life of upper class Australians in the late 1800s.

A bonus with this product is the inclusion of a later volume Etiquette in Australia 1902.

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