E.J. Burnham, A Guide to Seaton and District, 1912


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Republished here on full-searchable CD-Rom is the 5th edition of A Guide to Seaton and District. Including Axmouth, Colyford, Colyton, Beer & Branscombe. Containing some 161 printed pages the Guide was first published in 1912 and this edition was published by E. J. Burnham in Seaton at the height of the town's popularity as a flourishing seaside resort that could boast of Britain's first true holiday camp, Warner's.

A Guide to Seaton & District contains some thirty-pages of advertisements, a map of the area covered by the guide as well as a street map of the town of Seaton. The text is illustrated throughout with twenty-eight monochrome photographs. Beginning with the town of Seaton, the Guide is keen to inform its readers that this is the place for a quite and restful holiday, without the associated so-called 'attractions' of popular seaside resorts. Described as perhaps the 'most bracing place' on the south Devon Coast and an excellent point from which to explore the attractions of the rest of the south Devon Coast. The Guide goes on to list the various places to stay in the town as well as its chief topographical features, notably the ancient Church of St. Gregory. A good deal of information is provided on the history of the church, its bells as well as comments on the parish registers, which date from 1584. Further information is provided by the Seaton & District Guide to the town's possible Roman origins and other important events in the history of the town such as the Battle of Brunanburgh in 957.

From Seaton, the Seaton & District Guide provides fascinating local descriptions of historical events and places within easy reach by foot of Seaton. These include the beauty spot of 'The Landslip'; Bindon and Axmouth; Colyford & Colyton; Beer, the Stone Quarries & Bovey ending with Branscombe and outlying places of interest further than easy walking distance from Seaton. For each destination the Guide provides useful and interesting local information for the tourist and reader.

Always of popular interest, historically and socially, guidebooks such as a Guide to Seaton and District provide valuable snapshots into many places that have often changed out of all recognition. The twenty-eight black-and-white photographs that accompany the text will be of especial interest to many readers as will the many advertisements from local tradesmen and hostelries.

This CD-Rom republication of the 5th edition of A Guide to Seaton and District is to be thoroughly recommended to anyone who is familiar with the area in question. 

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