Lieutenant General Sir F.J. Aylmer, BART, V.C., K.C.B., The Aylmers of Ireland, 1931


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Published in 1931 and written by Lieutenant General Sir Fenton John Aylmer this is one of the most comprehensive family histories published regarding a single family in Ireland. Having conducted large amounts of research covering the family in both England and Ireland Aylmer began his work with his own ancestors, the Aylmers of Ireland, adding to the work that was already published in peerages such as the work of Lodge, Burke and Debrett.

Beginning with the earliest known Aylmers in Ireland, debating whether or not the first Aylmers came over with Strongbow, continuing right up to the 18th Century and some information after that. The volume focuses on four main parts of the family, the Aylmers of Meath, the Aylmers of Donadea and the Aylmers of Ballykenane and Painstown, and the Aylmers of Lyons. There are also chapters on several of the most notable family members, the Chief Justice Sir Gerald Aylmer, Sir Gerald Aylmer 1st Baronet of Donadea and Admiral Matthew, 1st Lord Aylmer of Balrath. There are also several chapter on unidentified Aylmers in the 16th, 17th, 18th Centuries and after. The final three chapters are devoted exclusively to the lands of the Aylmers in Ireland. Accompanying the text are 14 Pedigree lists as well as 19 illustrations. The book concludes with the Roll of Honour of those who died in service during the First World War as well as a 36 page extensive index.

Sir Fenton John Aylmer died in 1935 aged 73, leaving behind a wealth of information gathered during his research in to the Aylmer families of both Ireland and England. His own military career was one of note, he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in the capture of the Nilt Fort in India in 1892. He spent the final years of his life working on compiling the research on the Aylmer family.

This volume was kindly lent to the project by Michael Synge. 

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