Thomas de Moleyns, Esq. The Landowner's and Agent's Practical Guide, 6th Edition, 1872


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Published in 1872, shortly before the outbreak of the Land War in Ireland, the sixth edition of The Landowner's and Agents Practical Guide not only provides a history of land tenure in Ireland but also explains exactly what the legal rights and obligations of the landlord and land agent were towards their tenants. It is the definitive guide to land law in Ireland before the Land War changed everything.

As the author, Thomas de Moleyns, of her Majesty's Counsel, notes the law of landlord and tenant in Ireland differs enormously from that in England, mostly because of custom and conquest. Over forty six chapters and nearly 600 pages de Moleyns covers everything a landlord and his agent need to know, from Early Land Tenures of Ireland, through various kinds of tenancies, agreements for leases, rents, evictions, as well as the various land acts applicable in Ireland. There are also two chapters dealing with the Registry of Deeds and the Landed Estate Courts both of whose records are now excellent ways of tracing ancestors in Ireland.

De Moleyns makes reference to over 1000 legal cases in this extremely comprehensive and well researched body of work, making it an invaluable resource in understanding the history of landownership in Ireland, the legal position of landowners in Ireland, and provides an insight in to the beginning of the Land War in Ireland and what rights the tenants were seeking. 

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