The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1846


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The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland was published in Dublin, London and Edinburgh by A Fullerton & Co., in 1846 and remains the only parliamentary gazetteer that wholly and perhaps uniquely treats on the thirty-two counties of Ireland. The Gazetteer happily combines more than 2,200 pages of statistical, topographical and anecdotal material on many of Ireland's smaller villages and hamlets as well as the country's larger towns and cities. While Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, published in 1837, is for many a more accessible and identifiable topographical dictionary of Ireland, The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland provides more substantive statistical information and is perhaps a superior publication in both and breadth, drawing as it does from the statistics of the 1831 and 1841 Censuses of Ireland. Unlike Lewis, which treated on the cities, civil parishes and main post towns of Ireland in some 1,500 pages, The Gazetteer also treats on minor geographical features, such as small streams and manmade structures, such as bridges, harbours and ferries; some of the latter were only in their developmental stages and never actually came to fruition.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer is presented in an alphabetical format and includes a thorough index. The current CD-ROM version is fully-searchable and allows that reader to search for names of individuals - such as the occupants of gentlemen's seats, parish priests and the like - as well as smaller geographical and manmade structures not recorded in the original's index.

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