Carrigan’s History of the Diocese of Ossory and New Index


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William Carrigan’s History of the Diocese of Ossory (4 vols, 1905) is one of the most important historical publications concerning Counties Kilkenny and Laois ever produced. Carrigan’s main interest was the history of the church from the earliest times, and his four volumes, contain a history of the Bishops and other diocesan officials, as well as an extensive introduction to the area’s political history. Thereafter he journeys from parish to parish recording a vast amount of information concerning all aspects of the area’s history, always with special emphasis on religion. His books are copiously illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings, reflecting his desire to record record the antiquities of the Diocese. Importantly, the four volumes contain extensive extracts and transcripts of original manuscript material, much of which was lost in the destruction of the PRO in 1922.

This digital publication of Carrigan’s work also includes the first ever comprehensive index to his work by Helen Litton (published in 2005). This Index also contains an extensive biographical study on Carrigan by Fearghus Ó Fearghail and a foreword by the current Bishop of Ossory, Laurence Forristal. (in association with the Diocese of Ossory)

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