Post Office Directory London 1902

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Probably the most important directories released.

This massive directory, with over 3,500 pages! is list of most heads of households and traders in London excepting those areas covered in the Suburban Directories. Alongside the Commercial and Trades directories is a huge street by street list of private residents, which is an incredibly useful tool for genealogists.

This particular directory, following so closely as it does after the 1901 census, is going to prove especially useful in locating families in the census. Simply find the families in the alphabetical listing, and you will not only see their occupations but the full address too. Look in the street directory (that lists every house and its occupier) and you will immediately have a mental picture of what the street was like. It shows every house, road intersections, schools, churches, pubs and corner shops, and even where the post boxes are in the street.

Do bear in mind when using this excellent resource, that you can get sneaky with those elusive ancestors. Look at every address where you know that a member of the family lived. Look for all others with the same family name. You may often find that the head of a household is the wife's father. All sorts of interesting possibilities open up. You find a family at this address in 1902 - so look in the new 1901 census *and* older censuses to see who lived at the same house! Chances are, that this approach will solve lots of problems in your research. Trying to locate families in the 1891, 1871 etc. censuses is a cinch with this approach.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books Project by the Family Records Centre, Myddleton Street, London, as part of our co-operative project to digitise all of their directories.

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