London Church Registers Compendium Set 2.


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Transcripts of eleven London churches in a total of twenty seven volumes kindly loaned to the Project by The Harleian Society. The names of the churches are listed below, PLEASE SEE THE INDIVIDUAL DESCRIPTIONS TO DETERMINE THE DATE RANGES FOR EACH CHURCH.

Bought individually the 11 CD's would cost more than $350, so this offer is a wonderful opportunity for London researchers to own these 27 individual volumes on one CD.

Each book, or set of volumes, has its own very comprehensive index, making it extremely easy to locate ancestors.

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It is worth noting that although much of this information is available IN INDEX FORM ONLY on the IGI, these volumes are TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE ORIGINALS and therefore contain MUCH more information for genealogists and family historians.

The Registers of St Mary Somerset, London 1558-1853

The Registers of St Mary Mounthaw, London 1568-1849

The Registers of St Lawrence Jewry and St Mary Magdalen, Milk Street, London 1538-1812

The Registers of St Mary Magdalen, Mik Street and St Michael Bassishaw, London 1558-1853

The Registers of St Clement, Eastcheap and St Martin Orgar, London 1539-1853

The Registers of St Dunstan in the East, London 1558-1799

The Registers of St Katherine by the Tower, London 1584-1726

The Registers of St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London 1538-1859

The Registers of St Matthew, Friday Street, London 1538-1812

The Registers of St Margaret's, Westminster, London 1660-1699

The Register of St Martin in the Fields, London 1619-1636 

The Register of the Temple Church, London 1628-1853.