Reports of Heraldic Cases in The Court of Chivalry 1623-1732


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Transcripts from civil court cases of genealogical and heraldic interest from incredibly rare documents. In some cases the full details of the case are given, however the main content describes the people involved and their circumstances. For example:

MASCALL v. SOLE 22 August 1637.

1. Abraham Tomlyn of Sevenoaks, co. Kent, miller; lived there for 20 years; born at Marwood co. Kent, aged 30.

2. Joan Gardner, wife of John gardner of Rethered, co. Kent, blacksmith; lived there for 5 years; born at Wadhurst, co Sussex; aged 30

3. Robert Hide of Rethered, innholder; lived there for 5 years; born at Rolvenden, co Kent aged 35.

4. Edmund Puttenden of Sevenoaks, innholder; lived there for 7 years, born at Rolvended; aged 40

Other people named in this one case were from Gloucestershire and Sussex with occupations such as cordwainer. There are many, many ordinary people here, from all parts of the country, all of them easy to find due to the superb index.

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