Rolls of Arms - Henry III


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Includes the Matthew Paris Shields c. 1244-59, Glover's Roll c. 1253-8 and Walford's Roll c. 1273.

From the preface:

'The Matthew Paris Shields are the work of a clerk, a keen, and accurate observer, but one who looked at heraldry from the outside. Glover's and Walford's Rolls, on the other hand, look like the work of heralds, or just possibly of knights, at all events of men personally and professionally involved in the subject.'

In the book ancient families arms are described and discussed and there are often biographical and genealogical notes to accompany them, for example:

From Walford's Roll:

BREUSE. John de Brusse d' or a treys chevrons de gules a une bordure d' azur endente. Cf 141, 111. CII (a) writes 'bod' for bordure. CII (b) makes the border argent, but C I, as also E 337 an F 406, both of which paint it engrailed, confirm azure.

Sir John de Breuse, s. and h. of Robert (d.1276), held lands in Hants., Glos., Surrey, Som., and Essex. (Cal. Inq. ii. 194.) He was dead by Whitsun 1284, when his heirs, minors, were found to be overlords of Spargrove manor, Som. (Ibid. 526)

The arms are evidently a differenced version of Clare, but how they were acquired does not appear.'

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