Allegations for Marriage Licences in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk 1684-1839


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Published by the Harleian Society 1918-1921 in four volumes.

The very first entry in 1684 reads; John Murrell, of Lawshall, husbandman, & Sarah Richier, of Hepworth. Bondsman: Robert Garland, of Weltham, Husbandman. 3 Jan., 1684/5.

This class of records are incredibly valuable to the family historian, as prior to 1837 marriages in parish registers did not state the father's name, and also rarely stated an occupation of the groom.

Elian Helen, of Sudbury St. Peters, s.m. [single man], grocer, & Mary Ann Vincent, of Little Waldingfield, s.w. at same. 13 Jan 1818.

Wm. Mann, jun., of Bromley, Middlesex, grazier, s.m., & Maria Strutter, of St. Mary, Bury St. Edmunds, at same. Bondsman John Stutter, of Bury St. Edmunds, gent. 19 Jan 1818.

John Cook, of Assington, s.m., & Mary Elizh. Vincent, of Little Waldingfield, 19 years (father Philip Vincent, of same), at same. 19 Jan 1818.

John Stickwood, of Sketchwoth, 19 years, & Sarah Hart, of same, s.w., 25 years. Edw. Stickwood, father of John Stickwood. Surrogate: J. Gee. 30 May 1755.

It is well worth noting that there are many people here who were from outside the county of Suffolk, so these records will appeal to a wide range of researchers. The four books are arranged in date order and are fully indexed for names.

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