Marriage Licences: Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury 1660-1694 (4 vols.)


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Published by the Harleian Society 1890

Four large volumes, with a wealth of information for family historians. Marriage licences give so much valuable information such as ages, places of residence, and importantly in many cases, fathers' names, etc. which are not stated in the parish registers until as late as 1837! The majority of the licences recorded in these books were issued were to couples residing in the home counties in and around London, but there are also many from other parts of Great Britain, giving couples the right to marry in other counties.

"March 14 1692 - William Vavasour, of Weston, Co. York, Esqr. Batchelor, aged 23, & Mary Fawkes, of Farmely in the said county, spinster, aged 19, with consent of her father Thomas Fawkes, who attests, at St. James Westminster."

"March 15 1692 - Hope Long, of South Wraxall, Wilts, Widower, & Grace Blanchard of the city of Bath, Widow. Alleged by John Lovell of Drs. Commons, London, Gent.; at Box or Collerne, Wilts. or at Bath."

The fact that licences were issued by The Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury does not mean that they were for marriages in Canterbury. They can be for anywhere in the country. These volumes are fully indexed.

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