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Cat No.:   GB1380:

Revised and updated by Paul Wright 1773

Not a descriptive history book, but lists and dates of all Kings, together with lists of Bishops, Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Baronets, and all the mayors of London. Liberally illustrated with their coats of arms.

The fascinating part is that about the Kings, because it covers the Kings of all the separate kingdoms of England and Wales, i.e. South Britain during Roman times, South Britain post Roman (AD 329), Kingdoms of Kent, South Saxon, West Saxon, East Saxon, East Angles, North Humbers, Mercia, English Saxons (from 455 AD), Kings of England of the Saxon Race (800 AD), The Danish Race (1017 AD), The Normans, and so on unto more modern times.

The Kings of Wales, Man and Wight.

It gives a fascinating insight into the fragmentation of Britain into different kingdoms before the time of the Normans (1066).

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