Some Old Devon Churches

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All three volumes of this important publication by John Stabb, published in 1908.

Hundreds of old photographs, plus descriptions of the churches.

"Every Devonian who has a bookshelf for fact and fiction, describing his blood county of orchards, lanes, and good red earth, will make a place thereon for this admirable volume of pictures. Devonshire churches are remarkable for the rood or chancel screens of noble carved wood work with which they are adorned, and the architectural student and antiquary will be grateful to the author for the splendid photographs of numerous examples that he gives. The book is nicely arranged, the plates with the exception of a frontispiece being collected at the end, leaving the forepart of the volume for concise descriptions of the churches illustrated in alphabetical order."

Use the photographs to illustrate your family history book. They show the places where your ancestors were married, and even the fonts where they were baptised.

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