Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland 1536-1784

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Now this one is absolutely fascinating reading!

Treason, Murder, Tumult, Piracy, Forgery, Incest, Adultery, Fornication, Blasphemy, Crimes agianst religion and the state, Witchcraft.

Real cases described in detail.

"ALEXANDER BLAIR, taylor in Currie, was criminally prosecuted by his Majesty's Advocate for incest. The fact charged against him was, that he had carnal knowledge of one Catherine Windrahame, his first wife's half brother's daughter. And being admonished by the kirk to abstain from this connection, infstead of yielding obedience, he fled to England with the woman, and there married her. The jury unanimously found him guilty, and the court ordained him to be beheaded,"

Work that one out!

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