Civil Division of the County of Dorset - 1833


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In 1830, the county of Dorset was re-organised. Instead of the old arrangement of thirty six "Hundreds", the county was divided into nine new "Divisions". It was a complicated affair which caused much confusion, and this book was published at the time to sort it all out.

Comprising lists of the magistrates and subordinate officers, clerks of the peace. Sheriffs, county clerks, bailiffs, gaolers, surgeons, coroners, constables, tythingmen, surveyors, overseers of the poor. Knights and burgesses in parliament from the year 1760, etc. With a complete list of parishes, towns, villages, hamlets, farms, etc. The annual value of parishes, places and property. Names of tythings and places, and the new divisions of the county, with map.

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