London Dutch Church Register 1568-1872


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London Dutch Church Register of Marriages, Confessions, Membership and Banns 1568 - 1872

This register contains the attestation of certificates of membership, confessions of guilt, certificates of marriages and betrothals, publications of banns etc between 1568 to 1872. Whilst the register of marriages etc is very useful, it is fascinating to read the confessions of guilt which tell of the moral opinions and views of this community in the past.


1585 3148 Susanna Liebaerts, spinster, who misconducted herself with a young man under promise of marriage. But as, through his death, that marriage cannot take place, the Community is informed of her repentance, in order, they may not be offended when they see her appear at the Lord's Supper.

3127 15 January 1579. Pieter Persoons, a widower accused by his maid-servant of having misconducted himself with her, and who finally married someone else, outside the Dutch Church. Clearly, little escaped this community's notice!

Fully searchable by name, this book is invaluable for those with Dutch ancestors living in London.

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