History of Beaminster 1914.


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By Richard Hine with forty illustrations and maps. The book covers the history of Beaminster starting as far back as Pre-historic Man and discussing every period following that up to 1914 when the book was published.

The Beaminster museum who kindly lent this book to the project have lovingly added extras to the book such as newspaper clippings and photographs from as early as 1894, to ensure the history is as full and detailed as possible. The entire book, including its additions is reproduced on this CD.

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Chapters include,

Early Days,

Beaminster Church (including it's monuments and inscriptions),


Disastrous fires,

The market house, cross and town hall,


Friendly societies and Freemasonry,

The Monmouth rebellion,

The Bloody Assizes,


Copyholds and the Inclosure of Commons,


The muster roll,


Watchmen and Police,

Inns and taverns,

Coaches and wagons,


Royal and local events,

Horn hill tunnel,

Water works, rainfall and floods,

Union workhouse ( including the extracts from the Paupers Offence Book, such as poor Mary Bartlett who was sent to prison for two months for breaking a window),

Agriculture and population.