Old and New Nottingham, 1853


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A wonderful history book covering all aspects of life in old Nottingham. A great way to see how the town has grown and changed over the years. This book discusses Nottingham's history from its foundation to 1853, when the book was published. Unusually it contains not only the history of Nottingham's institutions, amenities and landmarks but also its social and cultural history, including chapters on Nottingham's poetry, old customs, recreations, social and sanitary state, music and musicians. Full of tales and rich in detail this book brings Old Nottingham to life.

From the "Impostors and Eccentric Characters" chapter,

"Jockey John died in St. Mary's workhouse in December 1797. This pauper had resided in the house a considerable time, and had always been regarded as a male and the father of a family, several illegitimate children having been sworn to him. On being laid out the body was discovered to be that of a woman. She had formerly been a groom in the service of Sir Harry Harper and figured on the turf under the cognomen of "Jockey John"

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