Croydon Inclosure 1797 - 1801


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The book explains the Inclosures Act and details the results of the act in Croydon. The act was passed to re-organise farm land, mainly to the benefit of the landowners who exchanged small pieces of dispersed land for large areas of land in one place. This allowed them to increase their agricultural output considerably and made them wealthier. In theory, people who had land taken from them to be redistributed should have received another piece of land as compensation, however this was not always the case and many small farmers and tenants were illegally evicted from their homes without compensation.

The list of awards details all those people who had land confiscated and were compensated, their new area of land can be seen on the vast map of Croyden Parish. So, you can see which section of land your ancestor's originally owned and where, if they were lucky, they were moved.

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