Parish Register Extracts 1831


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In 1831 an Act of Parliament was passed "for taking an account of the population of Great Britain, and of the increase or diminution thereof".

A survey was taken of the England, Wales and the offshore islands (excluding Scotland and Ireland) of all parish registers to count the number of baptisms, marriages and burials from the year 1821 to 1830. The government then published the results of this survey in 1833.

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This rare book contains the results for each county:

Tables of the number of baptisms, marriages and burials (male and female) in each district (hundred).

Lists of pre 1813 registers in each parish (with dates of the registers)

Chart with the county summary of baptisms, marriages and burials

Ages of the persons buried in the county (1813 to 1830) (Deaths by age)

Table of mortality rates (living & died, male and female and by percentage)

Proportion of burials to the population ((1801 to 1830)

Report on increase in population 1801-1811, 1811-1821, 1821-1831

County map with population figures and baptism, marriage, burial numbers (1801, 1811, 1821 & 1831) for each district (hundred).

There is also a fascinating report on the number and proportion of illegitimate children in 1830. Radnor featuring worst with one in seven births being illegitimate (100), Pembrokeshire 1 in 8 (210), Glamorgan 1 in 10 (275); and at the other end of the scale, Middlesex with 1 in 38 (905) being illegitimate.

This excellent book of 500 large format pages will be of immense interest to genealogists and historians, especially those studying the development of the population of England and Wales during the early part of the 1800s.