The History of Freemasonry - Robert Freke Gould 1887 (3 Volumes)


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These three large volumes describe the very early history of Freemasons across the world, from their origins in trades unions in Mediaeval times, their decline due to lack of raison d'etre in the Reformation and return in 1717 until 1887 when the book was published.

This set of books chronicles every aspect of Freemasonry, the antiquities, symbols, customs and constitutions of every Grand Lodge, not only in England, but also across Europe, Asia and North America.

They include illustrations of English Provincial Grand Masters, the seals, tokens and arms of France, Germany and England. Timelines and synopsis pullout pages enable easy reference and a good overall view, as do the statistics on the number of lodges and their members.

Containing in depth chapters on The Strict Observance, The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Rite of Misraim, The Cabbala and Mysticism, History of GLs of England from 1688 onwards, The Quarter Coronati, The Ancient Mysteries, The old Charges of British Freemasons, their statutes, Mason's Marks, Sea and Field Lodges and much more. These books spread light on a history often clouded with uncertainty.

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