Kelly's Directory of Lancashire 1924


Cat No.:   GB0908:

The last directory for the whole of the county, but excluding Liverpool and Manchester which had their own directories by this time.

Each place has its own description and directories of tradespeople and private residents, while the largest towns, such as Blackburn, have street by street directories. Also included are a county wide directory of private residents, a classified trades directory and an excellent county map.

This particular directory was purchased at auction by Archive CD Books (for a not inconsiderable sum) and will be donated to a Record Office who contacted us as they had been trying to find a copy for many years without success.

Now that Record Office will have a copy of the book plus a CD for their readers to use on a daily basis and family historians all over the world can own a copy on CD too.

That is what the Archive CD Books Project is all about, everybody gains something.

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