The Complete English Lawyer or Every Man his Own Lawyer - 1820 John Gifford


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A fabulous reference book which covers all aspects of the law, taxes and legal processes at the time of its publication in 1820. It gives details of laws, taxes, and statutes that *all* of our ancestors were subject to and the penalties which they could expect to receive if those laws were broken.

Details pertaining to the poor laws and parish settlement, matrimonial, libel, bankruptcy, wills and many, many other subjects are covered. Every species of public offences and their punishments are covered (a great many of the punishments involve either death or a very long period of transportation) plus details of every single tax applicable, even 'hair powder tax'!

In the appendix is a section which shows various sample contracts that people would have signed when renting a house or land.

With over 800 pages of invaluable information this is an absolutely superb book and one which should be in the collection of all family historians, without exception.

The IDEAL companion to 'The Complete Parish Officer'.

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