The Account Book of a Kentish Estate 1616-1704


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Incredibly detailed accounts of the Godinton estate, owned by the Toke family and situated just to the west of Ashford.

Successive generations of the Toke family recorded in minute detail the daily accounts of their farming business, showing the names of all of their labourers and farm-hands and how much each was paid and for what type of work. It also shows details of every expenditure and income, such as rents, taxes, sales of produce and purchase of equipment and provisions.

From a historical point of view it is also very interesting to see that the Civil War appears to have had little impact on the general running of the estate, other than an enormous increase in land taxes.

There are literally hundreds of names of ordinary working people mentioned, all of whom are very easy to find due to the excellent index. The book also contains some very good maps and plans of the estate plus a full pedigree chart of the Toke family.

Kindly loaned to the Project by Reading University Library.

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