Kelly's 1884 Directory of Worcestershire


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A very comprehensive directory. each place is described in great detail with lists of private residents and tradesmen, a court directory and a classified trades directory plus an excellent county map.

In order to demonstrate how owning these directories can help you in your research and how an apparently small difference in dates can make a *big* difference in the information gained, I looked up the very last name in the court section of this 1884 volume.

He was a Mr Henry Houghton YOXALL of 10 Park Road, Redditch.

In the 1888 directory he was still Henry Houghton YOXALL, but of simply 'Park Road, Redditch. No street number.

In the 1892 directory he is Henry H. YOXALL, back at number 10 Park Road. Now what does that 'H.' stand for?

In 1900 he was back to being Henry Houghton YOXALL and was still in Park Road, but he'd moved to number 15!

There are many more instances of this type of thing that you can find out from these directories. They are sometimes just small details but they are details nevertheless and they could just make the difference when researching census material.

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