Kelly's (Gore's) 1938 Directory of Liverpool & Suburbs


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A huge directory with more than 2,300 pages covering Liverpool, Bootle, Birkenhead, Wallasey and environs.


There is an excellent street by street directory which gives the names of the heads of households and very often their occupation.. These are ordinary people, as well as the more well-heeled. Taking a random example, here are the a few listings for Canon Road;


1a. McConnell.Thos, caretaker; 1. Roberts Albt. Edwd, GPO servant; 3. Cummings Arth. Chas. Fredk. mechanic & Mrs Gladys Cummings, teacher of music; 5. Cranby Hy.,butcher; 7. Williams Fredk., tobacco cutter.


In fact, in the house numbers from 1a to 52 there are 6 men listed as 'labourer'.


Also included is an alphabetical directory,which makes searching for people very much easier, and a classified trades directory as well.

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