Uppingham School Roll 1824-1913 & 1880-1921 (2 Volumes)


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Contains lists of masters, when they were appointed and which university they attended.

The real gems, though, are the lists of pupils. These show each one's name, year of birth, father's name and address, the dates they started at and left the school and even, if known, the date of their death. For example:

Came in January 1883.

Abbott, * John William. Jan. 1868. Son of J. Abbott, Braemar House, Lancaster Gate, W. Left July 1885. Died Sept 1890.

Bell, Henry. July 1870. Son of W. H. Bell, Christchurch Terrrace, Accrington. Left April 1888.

Blois,* Charles Godfrey. Dec. 1867. Son of Sir J. R. Blois, Bart., Cockfield Hall, Felsham. left Dec. 1884. Died on voyage to Australia, Dec. 1900.

Some of the earlier pupils have even more biographical information such as later qualifications and occupations.

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