Members of Parliament 1213-1874


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In the years 1876 and 1877, two orders were passed in the House of Commons, that a Return should be made of the names of every Member of Parliament of England [and Wales], Scotland and Ireland from so remote a Period as can be obtained up to the present day. This was duly carried out, and an official government publication was printed in two volumes in 1878.

Here we have those two volumes, which describe, for each year's Parliament, in county order, the names of those members, the date of the return, and the county, city, borough or place served. Each of these huge volumes contains over 600 pages of small print in two columns.

Part 1: Parliaments of England 1213-1702

Part 2: Parliaments of Great Britain 1707-1796; Parliaments of The United Kingdom 1801-1874; Parliaments and Conventions of the Estates of Scotland 1357-1707; Parliaments of Ireland 1559-1800.

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