A Guide to the English Tongue - 1791 Dyche


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A wonderful insight into the use of the English language in the 1700s.

In two parts with an appendix.

The first, proper for beginners, shewing a Natural and Easy Method to pronounce and express both common words, and Proper Names; in which particular Care is had to shew the Accent, for preventing Vicious Pronunciation.

The Second, for such as are advanced to some Ripeness of Judgment, containing Observations on the Sounds of Letters and Dipthongs; Rules for the true Division of Syllables, and the Use of Capitals, Stops, and Marks: With large Tables of Abbreviations, and Distinctions of Words; and several Alphabets of Copies for Young Writers.

To which is added an Appendix containing many additional lessons in Prose and Verse; first in words of One Syllable only, and then mixed with words of Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven syllables: And further improved with new Fables and Cuts.

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