The Book of Household Management - Isabella Beeton, 1869


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Everyone has heard of it. But this edition is very special indeed. Mrs Beeton died in 1865, four years before this second edition of her famous book was published. Subsequent editions were published by Ward Lock, as her husband sold the rights to the book, but what happened is that the new publishers removed huge sections of the original recipes, and proudly(!) announced that all of those left in had been tested and tried and altered to improve them! In other words, did not contain Mrs. Beeton's originals. In addition, the new publishers added more and different sections on household management, and therefore the next edition in 1873 was effectively a totally different book.

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Our edition, scanned from the original 1869 book, contains well over a thousand pages, and contains some lovely colour plates, quite unusual for a book of this date. It is an absolute gem, and we have really gone to town with extensive bookmarks in the Acrobat PDF file. Like the original book, we expect this CD to be a best seller.